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Te koop Taylor Cable 20038 Diamondback Shielded Top Post Battery Cable ouZ9u6ab

  • Model: ouZ9u6ab
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product size and configuration available may differ from those shown. For specific size and model, please refer to the manufacturer website using MPN (manufacturer part number shown in description).-This battery cable features braided alloy shielding that resists high heat and abrasion and the solid brass battery terminals provide 3 times more conduction than the lead. It is a heavy duty 4-gauge cable with a length of 38". - Length measures 38 | Resists high heat and abrasion | Accents braided lines and hoses | Top post style | Heavy duty 4-gauge cable with SXL insulation - 38in Battery Cable Top Post - 088197200380